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March 20, 2018 / by Rafał Małanij

We have organised the first Genomics and Bioinformatics meetup in Warsaw!

We all know that bioinformatics and especially genomics are fields closer to academia and research than Information Technologies sector. At least for now. However at Zettagene we are holding both hats - we do research, but we understand how IT world is working and actually we are pretty sure that both these worlds will have work closer together in the pretty near future.

Taking into consideration that there are some people that would like to share what they are doing or what are their interests regarding bioinformatics and some of the IT guys are looking for unobvious areas where they can practice their computing skills, we came up with an idea to organise a meetup that would gather both groups together. We believe that by creating a plane to gather individuals coming from different fields we can leverage their expertise and hopefully make them grow into bioinformatics and IT (depending where you are right now).

So we have created group on meetup.com - Genomics and Bioinformatics meetup, and organized a first event that took place on 7th of March in Startberry. This edition was held under the topic: “How to start with Genomics”. We had 2 great talks - Agnieszka Szmurlo shared her experience about starting to work within Genomics field and Monika Gos talked about clinical methods of analysing DNA. Both talks can be found on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy5WkXIU4vnkSKurbJe78oQ.

If you are interested you can also download presentations from our GitHub repository: https://github.com/Genomics-and-Bioinformatics-meetup/meetup-slides.

The first edition gathered over 30 people what we think is a great success! Some of the participants were not even closely related to bioinformatics, but got interested!

After formal part we have moved to the nearest pub to discuss genomics in a more informal way :D

We hope that this meetup will grow and gather more and more researchers, bioinformaticians, clinicians and IT experts. Our ambition is to create a regular initiative to share knowledge, learn about genomics, talk about projects and research, plan business activities and meet people. If you are around Warsaw, remeber to check our website on meetup.com/Genomics-and-BioInformatics/ to get latest information about our initiative.

You can also submit a talk and share your knowledge and experience with our Community!

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