About us

Meet our Team

Zettagene was founded in the early 2018 as a comercial initiative of a group of scientists and business professionals associated with Polish top genomics and technology research centers - Warsaw University of Technology and The Institute of Mother and Child.

In our Team we combine years of experience within bioinformatics and genomic analysis fields with the knowledge of latest technologies in Big Data and Data Science supported by solid IT background. We have been working in research and we have been delivering large IT projects for enterprises.

Tomasz Gambin

Head of Research

Tomek has been working on research and commercial projects within Genomics and Bioinformatics for the past 10 years. He is cooperating with many academic institutions and is involved in a few research projects.

Marek Wiewiórka

Head of Technology

His whole professional carrer has been always focused on data - starting in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and continuing in Big Data technologies. Since he started working with Genomic data over 5 years ago he has been doing research on large biomedical datasets.

Agnieszka Szmurło

Lead Architect

Agnieszka is a very experienced IT Architect that was involved in large scale IT projects. She is using her know how to design and develop effective IT solutions for genomics and bioinformatics.

Rafał Małanij


Rafal has been working in Information Technology domain for over 10 years. While holding more or less technical positions, mostly in Business Intelligence and Cloud areas, for the past 5 years he was focused on Business Development and building Teams.

If you want to work with the cutting-edge technologies within the field that is going to change the world, join us! E-mail us at info (at) zettagene.com

Our customers and partners

Zettagene is working closely with the biggest sequencing centers in Poland. We do provide bioinformatics services to researchers and medical institutions. Thanks to our extensive experience in IT domain we are technology partner for Life Science and Healthcare organizations.